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        Any man who started his career in theater and television and holds a degree in economics and mathematics has the left brain-right brain thinking of a brand strategist. John’s study in acting, drama and theater production is where he began his exploration of motivation and behavior. After a successful run as a very young assistant producer for the “Live from the Met” and “Live from Lincoln Center” telecasts, John satisfied his analytical side by earning a degree in Economics and Mathematics. 

        From start-to-finish John and his team are fabulous in framing the assignment, delivering first class qualitative research, and exceptional in providing timely and insightful analysis and recommendations.

        — Bruce Dodworth, Vice President, Account Director | Mullen Advertising

        Madison Ave. was the perfect place to marry his creative and analytical skills. John conducted large-scale market research studies and studied consumer behavior for three of America’s top 10 agencies: Grey Advertising, J. Walter Thompson (LGFE), and DMB&B. A Boston firm recruited Lloyd where he started the first brand-planning group in New England. John contributed to numerous award-winning campaigns and recognition as one of the country’s top 10 creative shops. 

        In 1996, John started Magnet. As stated by ADWEEK, it was the first independent brand-planning group in New England. Some of the largest and most respected communications firms in the US and the UK, multi-national corporations, organizations and institutions have relied on John to help them with product and service development services for compelling brand strategies.

        Having worked in market research on over 200 brands, John has interviewed thousands of consumers and professionals from every walk of life to find out what motivates them to make brands a part of their lives.


        • 36 Years of Experience in Marketing Communications

        • Developed Major Award Winning Campaigns

        • Served the Most Respected Marketing Communications Firms and Consultancies in the US and UK.

        • Served over 200 Brands


        • Qualitative Research Consultants Association

        • Creative Problem Solving Institute

        • American Marketing Association

        • American Account Planning Group


        • Bite (UK and SF)

        • Black Diamond

        • Brownstein Group

        • Carroll Communications

        • CDM

        • Charles River Associates (CRA)

        • Clarendon Group

        • Davis Advertising

        • Duffy Shanley

        • Eleven, Inc. (SF)

        • Fallon McElligot

        • Fort Franklin

        • Hill Holliday

        • Hurley Chandler Chaffer

        • iFactory

        • Jack Morton Worldwide

        • KGA

        • Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners


        • Leagas~Delaney (SF & UK)

        • Leonard Monahan

        • Lois Paul & Partners

        • McCann-Ericson

        • McKinsey Management Consulting

        • Mercer Management Consulting

        • Merkley+Partners

        • MMB

        • Mullen

        • Pagano Schenck and Kay

        • Partners + Simons

        • PriMedia

        • Rattle

        • RDW Group

        • Rubin Postaer

        • Sea Glass (UK)

        • Stiegler Wells Brunswick

        • Suissa Miller